Corvette Stingray 1968 Parts and Accessories

Make your landmark vintage Corvette one that's ready for the present day with parts, service and support from our experts. In 1968, GM introduced the Corvette C3, which completely revamped the vehicle inside and out. Based on the Mako Shark II concept car, the 1968 Corvette introduced now-iconic standard features, such as the elongated nose, engine cooling vents in the front fenders, a fiber optic exterior light monitoring system and battery placement behind the seats. Owners could also now add an anti-theft system, AM-FM radio, metal wheel covers and much more.

It's no surprise the 1968 Corvette Stingray remains one of the most popular Vettes in the classic car community. We stock the largest collection of '68 Corvette parts and accessories to keep yours on the road and winning shows for decades to come. As an authorized dealer of brands, such as Auto City Classic, Lectric Limited, Quiet Ride Solutions, Vintage Air and Coker Tire, Eckler's Corvette can offer everything you need or want for a DIY project.

'68 Vette Restoration and Performance

Both the 1968 Corvette convertible and hardtop are in good hands at Eckler's Corvette. We sell all the parts you need to make them go, including engine rebuild components, brake systems, wiring harnesses, transmissions, cooling system parts and suspension kits. Upgrade your C3 Corvette interior with everything from racing-style seats to new dash panels and gauges. Weatherstripping and door glass aren't something you think about until you need them - but when you do, we're at the ready. Our inventory of 1968 Chevy Corvette wheels and tires are also great investments.

Call, email or use live chat to speak with an expert if you need assistance. We have been providing the best DIY Corvette service and support since 1961. More than 90% of parts ship within 24 hours with a price match guarantee.